lørdag 23. april 2011

I promis, this will be the last from Månafossen :):):)

What you need to go to Månafossen

Hang in there

The lovely ring at Månafossen

A turist at Månafossen

A little rainbow in Månafossen 

Knips knips

Orange eaten at Månafossen

Turtelduene at Månafossen

He has the wrong camera :):):)

Played with the picture tones

fredag 22. april 2011

It goes on and on :):):)

Water is fantastic art 

Vincent in action

People get small in this environment 

Wet and wild

Secured in the bag

Hold my hand

Vincent on his way to a new location

Curly hair and curly water


Turtelduene and the waterfall

torsdag 21. april 2011

Månafossen igjen :)

Tejal in action

Arild på vei ned i juvet

En turist på kanten av stupet.  Ikke rart turister forulykker når de ikke har respekt for naturkreftene og glatt fjell.

onsdag 20. april 2011

Just a little story about what went on in the helicopter during the rescue at Månafossen

Do you se that tree ??????

There is a tree right i front of us ??????

Pull up, pull up .......

That was close

Now there is a hole mountain in front of us

You better land and let me take over

Wach those branches 


I think he is up there

There is the man who can take us to the wounded