mandag 28. februar 2011

I am still in the streets of Bergen :):)

Maching .....

Red is the colour ......

The artist 1

The artist 2

Watching the artist

reeding the news paper

The mountains are very close in Bergen

An reflection in to different windows

Reeding the news 2

Colour full people 

Sun burst in Bergen 1

Sun burst in Bergen 2

fredag 25. februar 2011

Some street photos from Bergen

Left behind


Reflektions of street life 1

Reflektions of street life 2

The new generation 

The bike and the wall 1

The bike and the wall 2

Reflections in a window 

The barrier 

Allmost met the red wall

torsdag 24. februar 2011

onsdag 23. februar 2011

Some more moments from Bergen

The visitor......

The man with the camera (me) and faces through windows  

The red glass 1

The red glass 2

4 lamps

A call for a meeting

The reflection of wheels and boots

The meeting 1

The meeting 2

Lamp rain in the Grieg hall

søndag 20. februar 2011

Some more from Bergen :):):)

Were shadow meet shadow in the morning sun

Shadows on a sidewalk in Bergen

So theres were the idea came from

Sad in the morning sun...

Playing for Bergen 1

Playing for Bergen 2


Colourful Bergen